Interactive News Article / The Nation (2016)

Synthesizing data from satellite imagery, testimony photographs, and videos, “Where the Bodies Are Buried” provides a spatial and temporal exploration of alleged war crimes perpetrated by a US Army Special Forces unit in Afghanistan. Situated at the intersection of journalism and design, the interactive platform is optimized to present disparate evidence as a coherent and accessible narrative. The user’s ability to explore the site is an attempt to render visible the facts on the ground. If the Army’s investigation is made available, it will be added in its original form as the final chapter of the platform.

Link to The Nation article by Matthieu Aikins:

// work done for SITU Research // 

Project Team: Akshay Mehra, Dan Miller, Brad Samuels

Collaborators: Matthieu AikinsThe Nation

Responsibilities: project/product management, web design, front end web development, cartography

Tools: ArcGIS, InDesign, AfterEffects, Illustrator, Photoshop, html, css, geoJSON