Sharing Models / Storefront for Art and Architecture (2016)

SITU's contribution to an exhibit at the Storefront for Art and Architecture investigated inequalities incurred by New York State and City property tax code. Titled Sharing Models: Manhattanisms, the show at Storefront exhibited 30 models and drawings by 30 international architects that represented various ways of reading, understanding, and analyzing the collective assets of urban life. For the exhibition that opened in July 2016, Storefront divided Manhattan into 30 section cuts across the city from the East River to the Hudson River, and assigned each to a participating studio. Containing significant residential sections of the Upper East and West sides centered around Central Park, SITU's assigned section for the exhibition is bounded by East 79th Street to the North and West 62nd to the South. In response to the exhibition's call to explore the effect of emerging sharing economies on the lived experience in cities, SITU set out to render visible the disparities in property tax code and the loss of shared city revenue through New York's luxury co-op and condominium market.

// work done for SITU Research // 

Project Team: Dan Miller, Kevin Kleber (CNC), Natalie Haddad (installation), Kenjiro Yamakawa (fabrication)

Tools: ArcGIS, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop